Style is the flavour of the month. It is not timeless. Story is.  

At Pixel Palette we believe that style is for others to find in our work. Not for us to restrict our expressions with. Otherwise we would be limiting ourselves with what is expected. Instead, we are in the business to surprise and be surprised. 

Our guiding principles ~ Story trumps style & emotion trumps story. Because no matter which side of the screen you are sitting at, when the dust settles all you remember is how you felt during the experience. How you felt when the communication happened. 


Pixel Palette Inc was founded by director & producer Vikram Dasgupta in 2004. We provide creative services from conception to actualization, with whatever means the subject demands. We instrument storytelling irrespective of its medium. Our expertise ranges from live-action production to motion design & from animation to visual effects. We recognize the need for brand diversity of our clientele and understand the varied demands that patrons have. Our objective is to act as the creative tool for exchange of ideas between the labels and the consumer.     





Pan am/ParaPan am TORONTO 2015, 'Are You Ready?', COMMERCIAL

Cannes Lions 2015 Nomination, FILM - Entertainment and Leisure 
CSC Award for Cinematography, Jeff Maher

Calcutta Taxi (2013) Narrative, Drama

Best Drama 2013, OSCAR QUALIFIER Aspen Short Film Festival, USA
Directorial Discovery Award, Rhode Island International Film Festival, USA
Best Narrative Short, Roving Eye International Film Festival, USA
Best Short Film (Audience Choice), Florence River to River Film Festival, Italy
Best of the Fest (Runner up), Anchorage International Film Festival, Alaska
German Star (Best Short Film), Stuttgart International Film Festival, Germany
Press/Critic’s Award (Best Short Film), Sedicicorto International Film Festival, Italy
Recipient of three BRAVO! Fact Awards Short Series (Screenplay) 
Recipient of the Filmmaker’s Assistant Program, National Film Board, Canada

The Bee (2010) Short Film

Winner of Best Environmental Film (Earth Day Canada)
Honorable Mention/Deepa Mehta (Toronto Urban Film Festival)

Coca Cola Classic (2010) Commercial

Official Runner up at the Cannes Lions 2010 Contest

Nokia - Connecting People (2010) Commercial

Official Short-listed Entry at the Cannes Lions 2010 Contest