Toronto Symphony Orchestra's maiden tour to Israel by Pixel Palette

Next Stop ISRAEL! Our current feature documentary project 'The Orchestra' follows 88 musicians of the TSO to perform for the first time in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. 

We hit the ground running as the musicians went directly from the airport to 'Save a child's heart' hospital to perform for the sick and recovering children before checking in to their hotel in Jerusalem! Hats off to their passion for bringing joy to the young lives. 

30ºC Christmas Shoot in South Africa!!! by Pixel Palette

We feel humbled and so full of gratitude at the hospitality of Fiona and her young dancers in Zolani. What a truly life altering experience it has been to shoot 'Beyond Moving' in association with Canada's National Ballet School and follow the journey of Siphe November! 

James Cameron's Documentary "Search for Atlantis" by Pixel Palette

We are super excited to collaborate with Ghost FX on James Cameron's new documentary titled 'Search For Atlantis' by Simcha Jacobivici for the National Geographic channel. Vikram Dasgupta joins the talented team at Ghost FX as creative director to create the 'look and feel' of the ancient city. 

Thank you Tom (Hillman) for bringing us on board on this wonderful journey!!! 

HOTDOCS 2016 by Pixel Palette

Looking forward to meeting sales agents, commissioning editors and documentary experts to discuss about potential collaborations for our feature docs currently in production - DogMa and Beyond Moving. And excited to check out the world's most acclaimed documentaries in competition!

DELHI / DOGMA DAY 04 by Pixel Palette

DOGMA Day 04: Roadside Hospital = A chair in the middle of the street! So we spent a little while searching for this dog that's been hit by a car. The poor guy was hiding under another parked vehicle. It was quite pleasant to see how collaborative people were to Ma and to our camera team as she bandaged his leg and made him swallow a painkiller. Today we'll be taking him to a hospital to check on the wounds.

Photography by Michael Narimalla

DELHI / DOGMA DAY 01 by Pixel Palette

DOGMA Day 01: Testing the waters! Sulakshmi catching a smoke break at 6am before the cooking and feeding madness begins. Test shoot before the Arri Amira arrives from Mumbai. (thanks to Sidharth Soma's relentless efforts)

Photography by Michael Narimalla

Next Stop - India by Pixel Palette

Last Stop INDIA as we venture out to make a film about Sulakshmi (Vikram Dasgupta's mother) and her beautiful obsession of feeding over 500 stray dogs everyday and the madness that's needed to do it 365 day a year... 7 days a week - titled DOGMA.

The team of ppl on and off screen, here and overseas, without whose absolute trust none of these projects would come to any fruition are below. Thank you for your inspiration!!! Mavis Staines, John Dalrymple, Chris LewMichael NarimallaFrancesca CimolaiAeschylus PoulosPinaki DasguptaSantanu DasguptaSulakshmi DasguptaJennifer SteinJudy GladstoneDon ShipleyIris NemaniSidharth Soma,  Thomas ChappelTahir MahmoodAndrew Kines to name a few! 

Wish us luck ppl, Keep y'all posted!

Photography by Chris Lew

Netherlands Shoot for 'BEYOND MOVING' DOC by Pixel Palette

Just wanted to share a few frames and behind the scenes from our NETHERLANDS shoot for the documentary for Canada's National Ballet School titled 'BEYOND MOVING'. 

Photography by Chris Lew, Michale Narimalla & John Dalrymple

Moments of Victory Pan Am/Parapan Am Toronto2015 Spot by Pixel Palette

Here are some stills and behind the scenes from the 'Moments of Victory' spot for TORONTO 2015 Launching today at 6:45 at the Nathan Phillips Square, Toronto, Canada. The filming and branding of this project has been our passion fodder for the last few months. This was our last piece for the Pan Am / Parapan Am Games TORONTO 2015.

We have been fortunate enough to be a part of this ride and have met such amazing people on this journey over the last few years. We met amazing visionaries like Don ShipleyIris NemaniKristina Molloy and so many many more. Many congrats to the amazing Jennifer Stein for spearheading the awesome Victory Celebrations every night. Also BIG shout out to the team! 

Our Pan Am spot launching the games at the sky dome (Roger's centre) in front of 45k ppl by Pixel Palette

Wanted to share this Video of a packed Skydome (45,000 ppl) watch our Parapan Spot being showcased at the Opening Ceremony of Panam TO2015 earlier tonight!

Also we completed our last Panam / ParaPan Am TO2015 Project - "Moments of Victory" - To be launched at the Nathan Phillips Square tomorrow evening at 6:55 during the Victory Celebration and every night / same time from then on till the end of the games. TORONTO Friends PLS be there to join in the Celebrations. Will put updates, details and tags in the next few hours.

Canada's National Ballet School SHOOT by Pixel Palette

Here are some stills from behind the scenes of the Canada's National Ballet shoot. The goal was to have a film that made Ballet accessible. Its main purpose was to have this classic dance form loose its elitism and to share the joy of dance across demographics.