'The Bee' Short Film

Directed / Produced by Vikram Dasgupta (Pixel Palette Inc Production)

THE BEE is the second one of the two shorts we created for our submission to the Canadian Film Center on Respecting Creator's Rights.

The initial intention was to shoot a Mechanical Bee (that our friend Tom Hillman Ghost Effects, Toronto had created) on the Blue Screen. The backplates and live action were to be shot separately. Backplates consisted of the Bee Hive (made out of wax, dirt and hexagonal screws and real honey) Plus the 'Bee Cam' along with the live action sequence.

We rigged the bee and animated it on the backplates, created loops in Maya which we rendered from multiple angles to get maximum bang for our buck. Rendered out with Mental Ray and Ambient Occlusion and composited it on the backplates.