PANAMANIA is the official name and brand that will be associated with all cultural events tied to the TORONTO 2015 Games. This multi-disciplinary performing arts program will feature a variety of programming, including new cultural hybrids, commissions and quality marquee events showcasing the rich cultures of Canada, the Caribbean and the Americas.

Pixel Palette was commissioned to produce and direct a handful of videos on cultural and artistic giants of various disciplines in the likes of Michael Snow, Peggy Baker, Rita Letendre.

We were honoured to talk to these amazing individuals on - what commissions 'mean' to an artist, on life in general and even the universe amongst other things. We have tried our best to capture not just their words but have tried to embody their voice, their spirit and their generosity as human beings.

Thanks to the support of the Panamanian team led by Don Shipley - Iris Numani, Robert Daly, Caroline Petre and countless others. This was a project we will keep close to our heart long after the Toronto 2015 Games are over.